The Moldavian Svetushkin wins the Imperia Chess Festival

The Moldavian Svetushkin wins the Imperia Chess Festival

It’s the Moldavian GM Dimitry Svetushkin the winner of the 53rd edition of the International Chess Festival of Imperia organized by the Imperia Chess Circle that ended yesterday afternoon in Imperia (all the results on “With 7  points on 9, as a demonstration that the school of the ex Soviet Union is still the best in the world – says the president  of the Imperia Chess Circle, Gianni Rossi Cassani – Svetushkin  prevailed over a considerable group of  followers from all over the world like India, Serbia, Croatia, Bielorus and Bulgary”.

In the B tournament however, the Bulgarian Simeonov Ventsislav triumphed while the Milan Francesco Albano won the C tournament. “In this 53rd edition- adds Cassani- the Italian champions did well. But I would like to emphasize the fantastic performance of the young Paolo Formento, member of our circle, that at the age of only 14 shined  in the major tournament closing with 5 points and gaining in a winning position a draw with the Russian GM Igor Efimov. 

Formento is approaching with great strides to achieve the magistral title. We are all very proud. At the same time, Antonino Faraci, vice president and veteran of the festival, once again did well with 4 points 1/2. In the minor tournaments the local players gave an excellent demonstation: In the B tournament shined with a good fourth place Fabio De Luca; in the C tournament Andrea Ruo, Borrelli e Bianchimani. In the juvenile tournament, our member Jacopo Privitera won, dominating the final standings. And lastly Attilio Damiano, Nicolò De Luca, Valentina Ruo and Amerigo Novaro did a really good figure, all young passionates of this sport”.

This year the Imperia Chess Festival saw at the starting line 161 partecipants in the four tournaments and 60 in the magistral tournament, the most prestigous one. It counted 6 Grand Masters and 11 international masters, the two most highest titles in this sport. Cassini states: ” The location of the Festival in the Palazzetto of  Sports turned out to be a good choice appreciated by all. I would like to thank once again the town mayor Paolo Stresciano and the councilor Luca Volpe for their availabilty. The city of Imperia must be proud  of an event that contiues after 53 years, an historical record hard to match, with the entire city that gains in terms of tourism and popolarity. For what concerns  our Circle, the true heart of the festival,  I would like to thank all the members that have worked for the organization, implementation and proper functioning of the event.

In this prospective a special mention must go to Gianni Ricca and to Stefano Novaro, for competence and commitment, without forgetting all the others which with little funds and a lot of efforts, both economically and physically, have really given  a lot”. And ends:” with the hope to always improve ourselves and with the granitic passion that supports us, we invite all the passionates to the many other  tournaments that will follow the festival which can be found onthe notices of our website:”. Among these, the Imperia Chess Circle which is giving its contribute in the organization of the 2nd International San Remo Chess Festival that will take place at the Nyala Suite Hotel in San Remo (via Solaro, 134) January 5-8 2012 (