San Remo

San Remo is the capital of the Flower Riviera. Appreciated since 1800 for its climate, it is not as well known for its artistic beauties, because of its typical Ligurian spirit, so reserved and shy of the spotlight. Yet its beautiful corners, its architecture and its landscape make San Remo a real Italian pearl, a piece of land with its roots in France.


In ancient times San Remo was called Matuzia in memory of the patrician house of Caio Matuzio built in the west side of the current town but according to a popular legend, this name was a tribute to the Goddess Matuzia, divinity of the sea and of the sunrise. Legendary princes and important men of culture, science and international industry have stayed in San Remo fascinated by blue sea and the intense scent of flowers.

San Remo is located in a wide inlet, between Cape Nero and Cape Verde. A city to visit, where the extreme edges meet, in the oldest part known as La Pigna, with its perched houses, it reminds us the Middle Age, with its steep streets, covered passageways and small squares.

Now the modern city has transformed in a few years the fisherman village into a world famous, elegant tourist centre. Today San Remo is a city that welcomes visitors and tourists all year long and entertains them with events and endless possibilities of amusement. San Remo, famous for the Municipal Casino, built in 1905, is the undisputed king for fans of the green tables, roulette and slot-machines.

Several selected events are held by the city, the most famous one being the Italian Song Festival.

San Remo, city of art, culture and sport: fishing, diving, boating, wind surfing and sailing, efficient venues for many sport activities like golf, horseback riding, baseball, swimming and fitness.

Lastly San Remo, City of Flowers, is famous throughout the world for its luxuriant gardens, colorful flowerbeds and tropical plants that flourish in the town parks.

How can anyone forget San Remo? Knowing the city better, it’s hard to forget. The invitation – guided- is to discover all its corners. One piece at a time, calmly…