Nenad Sulava wins the San Remo Chess 2012

Nenad Sulava wins the San Remo Chess 2012

The second edition of the “San Remo Chess 2012” closed with the victory of the Grand Master the Croatian Nenad Sulava, organized by the Imperia Chess Circle with the official seat at the Nyala Suite Hotel of Sanremo.

Nenad Sulava won the Open A with 6,5 points over 7 ; at the second place  the Master from Milan  Loris Cereda with 5,5 points over 7 and third place the Turin Master Damian Topczewski with 5 points over 7.

The Open B was won by the Milanese Francesco Albano with 6 points over 7, followed by Dario Borgondo (2nd place)with 5,5 points over 7 and  by Jacopo Privitera (third place) with 4,5 points over 7.

Gianni Rossi Cassani, President of the Imperia Chess Circle, expresses his satisfaction this way: ” The Chess Festival of San Remo, at the second edition ends with the victory of the favorite of the eve  the Croatian GM Nenad Sulava, has been , as it was foreseen, a grand success  with about 60 participants divided in the two major tournaments, A and B. The B tournament was won by the Italian Francesco Albano along with, an excellent third place, Jacopo Privitera, young promise of the Imperia Circle. The perfect syntony between the members of the Imperia  Chess Circle that looked after the organization with their usual professionalism and the staff of the Nyala Hotel have ensured excellent standards for the playing conditions. With these certainties we invite everyone at ext year’s third edition.  A special thanks goes to the arbiter of the event, Mr. Sergio Nanni”.