Leisure time in San Remo

The schedule of the San Remo Chess Festival is specially designed so that the majority of the matches begin each day at afternoon to give you the possibility to enjoy the beauties of San Remo and of the Flower Riviera.


Here’s a few tips for your stay.


SanRemo is famous for it’s particularly mild climate. Even in January you can expect the temperature to be about 10°C, with peaks of 16°C on sunny days. These spring temperatures will allow you to fully enjoy the best of the historic and cultural treasures of the city and its nearby cities.



La Pigna,  historic center of San Remo


The old city of San Remo is a mixture of covered alleys and small squares, town houses supported by a forest of buttresses and mixed with pale colors and long silences: sensations that the massive tourism is no longer able to recognize. A walk along the “carrugi” and the stairways lead you to discover hidden squares following up to the peak where the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Coast dominates the coast.

During the tournament week, you can organize a paid excursion in the historic center of  San Remo.



Villa Nobel in San Remo


The golden era of the Belle Epoque period gave San Remo unique testimonies like grand aristocratic villas and botanic gardens: Villa Zirio, residence of the German Emperor William III, Villa Ormond, name taken by the Parisian aristocratic family, and Villa Nobel, workshop and residence of the great Sweden scientist.

During the week of the tournament, you can organize a paid excursion to visit the villas and gardens of San Remo. 



Cycle track in San Remo


Where there was once the railway for a century, now lies a cyle track of 24km that connects San Remo to San Lorenzo Al Mare, surrounded by the greenery of the Mediterranean scrub and the beautiful blue color of the Ligurian Sea. It’s an extraordinary occasion to enjoy the healthy climate of the Riviera, walking or cycling along the sea. 

The Nyala Hotel provides a bike rental  service.




San Remo has always been a favorite place for shopping for travelers staying in the French and Italian Riviera. The month of January is traditionally the month of the season’s sales, therefore you’ll have the opportunity to find some good deals in the boutiques of the city.



Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco


With a one hour trip by train, you can reach the Principality of Monaco, where you can visit the historic city, the Rocca, with the Princes’s Palace and the Museum of Oceanography, proceeding along the harbour, where many beautiful yachts are anchored, towards the elegant square of the Casino.

 During the tournament week, you can organize a paid excursion to visit Monte Carlo.