Tournament presentation

From February 4 to February 7, 2016, San Remo will host the International Chess Festival with an open chess tournament.


Sanremo Chess Tournament


Sunrise in San Remo, Italy



San Remo is a city that boasts exceptional renown in the chess world, having hosted a world championship in 1930 that became legendary with the victory of Alexander Alekihne.

The “San Remo Chess” festival marks the return of an international level chess tournament in the City of Flowers after many years, with the ambition to become a point of reference for all Italian and foreign fans.

The festival is organized by the Circolo Scacchistico Imperiese (the Imperia Chess Club), a prestigious partnership that has organized the longest running national level tournament, the International Chess Festival of Imperia, which held its 53rd edition in 2011.

Nyala Wonder Travel, with the strength of ten years experience, takes care of the hospitality for all the participants and the promotion and communication of the event outside the classic chess environment.